I am Maria Riera Rossello. I live in Mallorca. I love photography, sea, animals and travel. And I love new challenges. Finally I decided to show my work, hoping you like it and I'm open to any project that interests you. I have a special mention in the "Photography under the shadow" of international competition; the first prize "tú llegeixes" locally and I am studying photography continously since 2009. I have made reports to pregnant, communions, baptisms and children and whenever I can I like that the images are fresh and real, with natural light and such as we enjoy with our eyes.

I love people than fight for their passion and live their dreams. So I take pictures about surf, music, cicliyng, art,...

Contact with me and explain me your ideas. Sure we find the best way to do the job.

With the change of season will come our study sessions interior.

Greetings and thanks for visiting.