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Enjoying family in Mallorca.

I have been doing family photo sessions for many years and I continue to marvel at each one of them.

On this occasion, Shayna contacted me on Instagram because they were coming to Mallorca with their family (they live in the Basque country and their parents in the US) to meet up and she was pregnant with her second child and wanted me to immortalize it to take home a beautiful memory of these moments and for her parents to have photos of their grandson (who they don't see as often as they would like) and of their daughter's pregnancy.

The family was staying in Colonia de Sant Jordi and we looked for a location that was close to their accommodation so that we could do it before sunset and that they were not too far away so that the little one could have dinner on time.

I recommended the Marqués beach, because I know it has a beautiful sunset, but in the end we held the session right next to it, on the Es Cotó beach, a small cove that I loved. With stone piers and the beautiful sunset behind the sea.

Thanks to the beauty of the place, the wonderful light and the fact that they followed the clothing instructions, we got some very bright photos that radiate happiness and love on all four sides.

I ended the session with a feeling of gratitude and happiness, having met a beautiful family and feeling that I had a good session.

When they received the photos, they were very happy and satisfied with the result.
Here I leave part of the session to see what you think.

MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-1.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-2.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-3.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-4.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-8.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-9.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-14.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-7.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-16.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-5.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-11.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-13.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-12.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-18.jpg
MARIA ROSSELLO - sesion-de-fotos-en-colonia-de-sant-jordi-al-atardecer-10.jpg
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