09th May 2022 - The latest -

photo session in a poppy field near vilafranca

The magic of nature on the island.

You already know that I love nature and outdoor sessions on the island of Mallorca. And something that is always associated with spring in my memory are the poppy fields. It still amazes me how a wild flower can grow like this and flood everything with such an elegant red.

We chose sunset to take advantage of the golden light and lost ourselves in this magical expanse of color.

Marina really enjoyed the photos, because we played, laughed, jumped... she felt calm and enjoyed this little time just for herself.

The trick here is to play with various points of view and get the background to blur for this silky red blanket effect. I also made a flower crown according to the surroundings to blend in even more.

As always I leave you a sample of this incredible photo session in Vilafranca.

I hope you like it and if you fancy one I'll leave you the reservation button so you can block your slot. They will only be available this week and the next to take advantage of the fact that they are in bloom now.

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