I am the photographer who will accompany you on the journey of life.

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Natural and warm photography in Mallorca, outdoors, with the golden light of sunset and the beautiful corners of the island. I love taking family photos because I am nostalgic and I believe that any moment is worth remembering and that it is precious to be able to see an image and that it transmits the same emotion that you felt that day.

I am also passionate about Mallorca and I know many locations that will add to your photos.

I want you to have memorable memories of all the important stages of your life: from an individual session, the wedding, pregnancy, the birth of your little one, their first year, a family session to see how they grow,...

My dream is to be by your side to share all those moments and capture the precious emotions they generate. And everything in the simplest way possible, contact me and I'll take care of organizing everything. You just enjoy time with your family.


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I had a happy childhood surrounded by people and nature.

They taught me to value the beauty of things, of our environment, and being a very observant and nostalgic person, I always have the desire to freeze good moments, to make them eternal... to remember that smile, that song, that moment. vital that changed you...I suppose that all this together has made me the type of photographer that I am and that it is vital for me that the images I offer and the details bring happiness, beauty, naturalness and emotion.

Also, my sessions are outdoors because I need to be in contact with nature and we are lucky to be able to enjoy a wonderful environment in Mallorca, with many special corners to do the sessions.

I would love to meet you and do something nice with your special moments.


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A session that we have wanted for a long time and that we enjoyed a lot, it was impossible to choose the photos that we liked the most and we chose them. Very good job and a lot of patience with our little demon hahaha, thank you very much.

Antònia Cladera

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We have loved the photo session, spectacular, very professional, very punctual, a love with our baby and impeccable results. Thanks Maria!

Daniela Figueroa

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We did a family session this summer at Son Serra beach. Great professional and very empathic with the children, fun and a result that we loved. We chose all the photos because we didn't know which ones to choose. We will repeat for sure!

Maria Antonia Payeras

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María, I wanted to tell you that I keep freaking out with the photos. Every time I see them I freak out, you're amazing

Ayelen Bosch

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It was a beautiful session. You transmit tranquility and that is seen in the result. Thank you very much.

Maria Àngela Simarro

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I have finished looking at all the photos and there are very nice photos. The girl is beautiful in all of them. She liked everything. I already have a profile picture.

Joana Maria Puigròs