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Pregnancy and nature: photo session at sea in Mallorca

Pregnancy photo sessions are unique moments that capture the magic and beauty of a baby’s wait. And when these sessions take place on the beach, the experience becomes even more special. Today I want to share with you the wonderful session of photos of pregnancy at sea that I did with Tamee, a future mother who was radiant and super relaxed.
The Beauty of Nature and the Tranquility of the Sea

Imagine a quiet afternoon on the beach, with the soft sound of the waves and the heat of the sun at sunset. This is exactly what we experienced during the Tamee photo session. Dressed with a bikini and sometimes simply in a shirt, Tamee felt completely at peace. The simplicity of her costumes allowed her natural beauty to shine, and the connection between her and her baby became evident in each photograph.
Benefits of the Outdoor Photos Sessions:

– Connection with Nature: There is something incredibly special to be outdoors, especially during pregnancy. Nature has a way to calm and revitalize, which is perfect for future breasts. Outdoor sessions allow emotions to flow naturally, creating authentic photos full of life.

– Natural light: Natural light is incomparable when it comes to photography. During the sunset, the golden light bathes everything with a warm and soft glow, perfect to highlight the beauty of motherhood. Natural light also helps create shadows and textures that add depth and character to the photos.

– Unique environments: Every place in the open air has its own magic. In our case, the immensity of the sea and the serenity of the beach created a perfect atmosphere. The waves, sand and sky combined to form an impressive backdrop that perfectly complemented the session.

– Rest: Pregnancy sessions are carried out in the last quarter, when you are already very heavy and with heat if it matches you in summer. The sessions at sea refresh you, help you to be comfortable and to rest because inside the water the barrel does not weigh, the legs deflate, everything is better.

Pregnancy is one of the most natural and beautiful stages of life. Captureing this stage in a natural environment highlights the purity and beauty of this moment. During the Tamee session, we focus on showing their skin and barrel, celebrating the naturalness of their changing body. The photos with Tamee in bikini and with a light shirt showed the simplicity and elegance of maternity, without the need for complicated ornaments.

The immensity of the sea also played a crucial role in this session. The sea symbolizes life, continuity and connection with nature. Seeing Tamee on the beach, with the sea in the background, was a powerful reminder of the beauty and strength of motherhood. Each photo captured not only his physical beauty, but also the deep connection he already feels with his baby.
Limited edition

It is important to mention that these sessions of pregnancy photos at sea are only available until September. The perfect climate and light conditions during the summer months are ideal for capturing these impressive images. After September, temperatures begin to fall and the climate becomes less predictable, which can affect the quality and comfort of the session.

If you are waiting for a baby and you want to capture this special moment in a natural and serene environment, I encourage you to consider a photo session on the beach. Remember that these sessions are only available until September, so do not miss the opportunity to create lasting memories of this very special stage.

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